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About us

Kawaiiwaru team is simply a bunch of weebs, anime lovers, that love the Kawaii side of creepiness! We know that there are tons of people like us in the world, and maybe, like us, they couldn't express their selves in their casual life's activities.

Pastelgothics? Cosplayers? anime lovers? or whatever the given name, we all shared the same passion and loved the same stuff! wouldn't it be awesome to find some accessories/clothes that match our personalities?

Of course, it would! But we couldn't find any... 
Some few clothes here, very edgy stuff there ... but nothing Casual + Satisfying!
So we had this great idea to build our own Brand! for people like us! we wanted to be surrounded by our passion, wear it and see it every day!
That's when Kawaiiwaru was born!

It's Great to have a dream, but how can we build all this?

At first, the idea was motivating! We quickly imagined ourselves selling and wearing our OWN clothes.
But we soon faced a big Wall: 
How can we print this? what should we print? we are not professional designers! 
all we had was a Dream... can we turn this into reality?
We always had this idea to Design our OWN characters, we wanted to be unique! our designs must be nowhere else but on our store (Not going to print some naruto or zero two designs)

We stayed positive and kept searching for designers from all over the world using - Upwork - Fiver - Instagram ...

And we found some great ones! We put some of our savings and we came up with our two first characters: Maaya and Chiroko ( by Sunshine Reyes - designer from Upwork - )
It was cold back then, so we just launched our designs on sweatshirts + Started some advertising and we got some Great feedback!
That's when we knew that there is an audience out there that likes our clothes/designs - So we kept communicating with our customers and adding new collections and designs and Slowly making Kawaiiwaru Bigger.
And to this day, we keep listening to your Suggestions and we constantly try to improve the buyer's experience in our store