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Love the design

Love the cosplay collab with Nezuko from anime demon slayer! Hoping more collabs in the future

I love it!

This Giant mousepad is made of thick, fantastic material. It's soft to rest my wrists on and the computer mouse runs smoothly across it.
The artwork is great and printed on professionally. Hikari sets the mood well for when I am gaming or working on something! I definitely recommend getting one of these for a desktop computer set up or rest your laptop on when working at a table.

Amazing hoodie

I don't normally write reviews so I'm honestly late on this (I apologize) but the 2 hoodies I bought are great! No problems and I love the designs sooo much! I am getting on the heavier side so if they made a 5-6X version is be really happy but I'm good with the 4X for now plus I can cosplay in it! I bought the HelenaXhelena Pink and black car seat cover and I haven't opened it because I'm waiting on my new car,all I can say is that I love it alot ^^

Love it!

Fits my personality!

The cutest car seat covers

I totally recommend these car seat covers they are so cute they fit perfectly

Sooo soft

I’m so happy I was able to get one of these before they sold out. It’s well made, soft and the colors are vibrant considering it is a rug. I got the 36x60 and I love the size. I recommend snagging one when they bring them back if you were on the fence before!

Perfect af

Are they pricey? Yes but well worth it they look amazing having 2 different yet similar covers really make the interior pop and if you love anime this is a must they fit great just need a little stretching


I have never had a mask I enjoy more then this one. Fits great, breathable even with the extra layer filter in it. During this global pandemic I felt safer knowing I had this mask and how great it was. Got many nice compliments. Loved it so much I had to get another one because I only wanted to use this one.

Adorable af!!

I was hesitant as these were the first things I’ve ever purchased from here (since then I’ve gotten other items I loved) but these are such good quality. A bit hard for me to put on but that allowed a snug comfy fit. They’re such a cute high quality way to protect my seats. 10/10 would recommend any of these designs for whatever vibe you’re going for with your car.

They are super cute

Get told they look adorable in my itasha car.

Super cute!

Like everything I’ve gotten so far from here it’s been so cute and made beyond my expectations! This mat has great feel and quality, my only qualm is I wish there was an XL version like someone else stated. Sadly with my set up my keyboard covers all the greatness of it and with my mouse not having space I do have it layered over an LED mat. But it’s a great feel and the design shows amazing on it.

Mouse pad

Received a replacement order for a mouse pad and it was a fairly simple stress free venture, customer service was super polite friendly and understanding, my replacement order was taken care of in little to no time at all with quick shipping, overall the finished product quality was top notch and beautifully made, I am very impressed with the work done by Kawaiiwaru and look forward to investing even more into the great products they have

Love them

I absolutely love these!!! They wre super cute with a touch of horror!!

Awesome jersey

Got in on my birthday and absolutely love it the stripes really look nice and help balance out both sides ended up wearing it to work and got tons of compliments on it

Amazing design

The design of this tank top is really nice and you can really tell how much work is put into each piece of clothing, unfortunately however; I underestimated the sizing of the tank top and the flexibility of it so it doesn't fit me very well and I cant comfortably wear it. Im 6'4 weighing at 180 pounds and figured a medium would be appropriate since i don't want something too tight or too loose but I should've went for an L or XL probably. Otherwise great product!

So cute!! I love these so much

Exactly what I wanted <3

Love the design as always

As always Kawaiwaru always deliver on there products. Follow them on social media to get future updates on new, one of the kind products

Ruhai Unisex T-shirt
Katherine Reyes

This shirt is so comfy and the image is perfect.

Most comfortable shirt I've owned

So like other reviews it's pretty typical so gunna flash past that generic stuff, look you reading this you're a weeb I'm a weeb let's get down to the real shit, this shirt fire don't wanna sweat like at some musty anime con like some weird neckbeard who doesn't know what deodorant is ? No problem this mfer right here is super breathable flexible and comfortable, shit half the time I forget I even have it on this shirt weighs like nothing and allows a nice breeze to flow through it, what's that mean you ask ? My guy it means you ain't gunna worry about sweating in this bad bitch repping your vampire twin waifus the design ? That shit is IN the fabric yeah you heard right ain't no crusting peeling print nonsense here clean as fuck printed into the fabric itself so it'll last longer than the sands of time without fading, is it bright ? Absolutely this mfer POPS and errybody gunna know you mean BUSINESS about your waifus and that's just a fact I don't make the rules homie, you want this shirt say less and buy the shirt don't question it you know what to do the waifus command it, will people mock you for this shirt absolutely not a grown man with a shirt like this you know they don't give a shit and therefore will do what they want ain't nobody gunna mock or question your authority they'll compliment the drip though cuz even non weebs know this shit slaps hard and is an absolute banger, why are you still reading this go order your waifus on this shirt now and put a smile on their face while you flex on errybody on the streets my guy NO WAIFU NO LAIFU FULL SEND

New shirt

Absolutely love this new Kasuga AOP shirt


Thanks for the fantastic and quality seat covers, Kawaiiwaru! You never disappoint and I will ALWAYS be a customer. Thank you so much!


I won this in the giveaway that was recently held and honestly when I received it I was blown away. It is SO soft. Inside and the outside fabric. I am a thicker gal and ordered the 4x. It fits me nicely and still will wrap around my bust. And since I’m 5’4 I like the long length it has on me! Now I want like 5 of these for the colder days.


It is of amazing quality and just feels really nice in general. Now with this expect some "shipping limbo" as your best estimate on arrival will be whatever checkout says. But past that it's an amazing product and I will be purchasing more from here.

Car seat covers

These car seat covers fit super snug and don't slip or shift position, I love the way the material feels and how high quality they really are no joke I have had many different covers but these ones are by far the best I've ever had and I refuse anything less than these now, they're generally designed more for aftermarket seats however with my 2010 Hyundai elantra stock seats they still fit perfectly fine without issue so I would say technically them being considered universal covers is in fact accurate and truthful cuz well I tried it and it works so like yeah science or something like short if you thought about buying them but aren't sure this is your sign make the purchase do it I promise you you'll love it.(photos of seat covers on my car for reference )

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