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Budo - Sad lonely anime girl

By The Creator September 19, 2020

Budo the sad anime girl

Budo - Sad anime girl

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From a very young age, Budo could see things. She could see things that others couldn’t see. Scary things, dark things. They surrounded her mind and made her feel sick with anxiety. She never knew a mother, and she never knew a father either. All she remembered was her sister…

The day she realized her power was not a good day at all. It was the first time her young sister touched her. She had brushed a hand over Budo’s arm catching the skin only for a second, but as soon as she did, dark energy began to rush through her veins. Her sister turned pale, her hair becoming white as Budo felt all the negative energy rush out from her young mind. She saw all of it. Her sisters’ bad memories, her fears, and all her despair. The little girl lost consciousness and laid there on the floor. Budo shrieked in horror when she saw her drained sister, then felt something strange and awkward emerging at the top of her back. It wasn’t painful, just tingly and strange. She turned to a mirror to see wings. Tears still seeping down her face, she fell to her knees.

Budo was aware that it was her who killed her sister, by touching her? It didn’t seem at all possible, but it happened and Budo had to prevent it from happening again. She became scared, she was only a cute and soft-hearted girl who would never hurt a soul, and still way too young to understand or even comprehend the power she had received. She began wearing a cloak to cover her entire body. She pushed people away, desperately trying not to kill anyone again. This girl grew up without love, without guidance, and without a single friend.

One day, she was out in the town, getting food. She did this as little as possible to avoid any incidents, but she couldn’t avoid anything that day. A large group of boys approached her and began to talk down to her. “Loser.” One of them called. “Loner” Another one spat.

“Why so down, little girl? You're never in school, so you must be stupid.” The biggest boy said, he must have been their leader.

They began to draw near and Budo immediately retreated. “Don’t touch me!” She yelled. “Please just go away and don’t touch me!” There was desperation in her voice, but the boys just laughed

“We’ll do what we want.” One said and then pushed Budo to the ground. She hit her head. She tried to scramble away but the boys came after her. They began hitting her, kicking her. How could they do this? She wanted them to stop, not so they wouldn’t hurt her, but so she wouldn’t hurt them. But the boys did not stop. One of them ripped her cloak off of her, revealing her pale flesh. Two boys then grabbed her from her arm, her exposed arm. The two boys immediately froze in fear. Their negative energy began to rush through to Budo’s mind. The other two boys, who hadn’t noticed their friends draining flesh, picked budo up and slammed her against a wall, but immediately let go and Budo slid to the floor again as she watched their hair go white and their skin go pale. Their dark thoughts echoed through her head. She clasped her ears in an attempt to block it out, but it wouldn’t work. Too many bad memories, too much violence, she felt the wings on her back grow bigger. The darkness continued to flood her senses as the boys dropped to the ground, the life sucked out of them. Budo began to lift off into the air, her wings getting bigger and bigger, more and more powerful. She emitted a high desperate cry and felt herself transforming.

First, it was her arms, the skin ripped, and in its place was a scaly arm, then the legs, then her face until her mind became clouded and she lost her will to control her own body. She had become a scary creature. She slipped in and out of consciousness as the creature took over her body, she saw blurred images of herself moving through the town. She heard muffled screams and cries for help. She saw red, lots of red. There was absolutely nothing she could do to stop the monster in her body, no, the monster whose body she was trapped in.

The creature began towards a forest, rampaging through it, tossing animals out of its way and letting trees fall behind it. Her mind became unfogged for a second, she thought she saw a girl with pink hair, just standing there in front of the beast, dressed like a nun, a baseball bat in her arms (Lucille). Budo tried to scream for her to get out of the way, but she watched as the girl came charging towards the beast. Her clawed hand ripped through the girl, pushing her aside. Budo saw blood, but the girl got back up, raised her bat, and ran at budo again. Budo slipped out of consciousness again and came back to see the girl still fighting. Maybe this girl could save her? Put her out of her misery?

The beast, however, delivered a final blow. It was hard and sharp against the pink girl’s face; her hat fell off and onto the ground and the girl joined it lying there. She had met her match.

With that, Budo could feel the monster withdrawing, becoming smaller, finally, she could think properly again, and her arms turned back to normal, and her wings shrunk and lowered her to the ground. The emotions came in then. How many people had she killed? How many people died because of her foolishness?

“No.” She sobbed. “NO! I can’t do this anymore! I’m a monster!” The nun sat watching Budo wail. “I hurt people, I’m tired of this. Why should I live? Please kill me!” She shrieked in a fit of sobs. The demon hunter sat watching the girl. She stood and continued to watch her in silence, but eventually, she walked away.

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