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Saidah and Laylah the angel twins

By The Creator September 17, 2020

saidah and laylah - anime angel twins

Saidah and Laylah the angel twins

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They both knew they had a sacred duty. They had to keep the balance between good and evil on earth. There is a very fine line between good and evil. Can one really be good without the possibility of evil? Everybody has the potential for both, it’s what we choose that defines us. The world needs more than one type of angel to keep all kinds of people in check. They need not only light angels but also dark ones to provide for the darker parts of our minds.

Saidah and Laylah are twins. Although they are both angels, they specialize in different fields, keeping the balance between the good and the bad. Laylah, the dark angel though she resents this. Her hair is dark, and her eyes are red – her appearance is scary, so she is often overlooked and misjudged. She is not bad or evil, she is determined, she’s just on a mission and she must fulfill it. You see, her soul was torn apart and she can hardly bare to listen to the awful thoughts going through the bad human’s heads, but soon these thoughts began more frequent and much stronger. There was a rise in evil and a decline in good. Something was very wrong. The balance had broken and humans began to notice it, blaming the dark angel for it!

Laylah soon found out what the cause of this imbalance was. It was her own sister, Saidah. Saidah is the light angel, whose hair is white, eyes are blue, and so on. She is meant to be the protector of all that is good, her job being to eliminate the worse of people if needed and to listen to the inner bright and beautiful thoughts circling in humans’ heads. It had been made apparent to Laylah recently, that Saidah was becoming restless, agitated, and odd. She knew something was bound to happen soon, but she could not have anticipated anything on this level. Laylah's sister was impulsive, and often slacking in her job and Laylah immediately suspected her as the cause of this imbalance.

She swooped down to earth one day and tracked her sister down. Angels were not meant to spend a lot of time on earth, but with the madness of what she saw, Laylah knew Saidah had broken the precious rules. It was complete mayhem. Cars were upturned on the street, a fire sparkling from broken windows and bullet casings at the edge of the sidewalk. Laylah grew extremely wary; she became restless in finding her sister. Eventually, she heard a voice she could place to no one other than the one she was looking for.

“Sorry about that.” The voice was saying snidely. Laylah was in no doubt that this voice was Saidah’s. She peered around the corner of the brick building, dodging through the scaffolding, and gasped at what she saw. There was her sister, dressed all in white with stains of red dotted on her skin and on the fabric. She was holding a man by his arms. Laylah knew from the aura that this man was good. She watched Saidah rip the man limb from limb, smiling as she did it. It was sick, and Laylah gagged, trying not to reveal herself. The man was good, and Saidah was breaking the angel law. Her job was to defeat evil IF NECESSARY to keep balance, yet she was killing good humans. for what? For fun? Laylah was repulsed. She took a step back and gathered her thoughts. Breaking the angel law is treason, and her sister had broken it with pleasure in her eyes. She wished that Saidah would just keep to her own realm and not cross over to hers, but this was not the first time Saidah had meddled in the business of dark angels.

“Saidah!” She said sharply as she turned the corner. Her twin looked up and gave a knowing smile at her sister.

“Oh dear,” Saidah laughed. “I guess you caught me.” She held up her hands in mock surrender, but Laylah wasn’t laughing.

“What are you doing? You know This is treason, and you know what that’s supposed to mean.”

“Is it bad for an angel to have fun?” Saidah giggled, “Give up sister, and don’t concern yourself in my business. You’re weak, just keep your mouth shut, as you always do.” Saidah turned to leave but Laylah was mad now, furious even. She was sick and tired of cleaning up after her sister, of apologizing to the higher-ups for her. This was the last time Saidah would get away with her madness.

“Saidah,” Laylah said, with new confidence inside her. “I sentence you to a battle of rights.” Saidah turned shocked.

“You wouldn’t…” She said quietly. “You wouldn’t dare hurt me!”

“I would. I am sick of you and your behavior. I sentence you to a battle and you must fight. If I win, you are coming with me and serving your time, if you win, I will back down.” That’s how a battle of rights worked. If one angel does bad, the other must challenge them, and take care of it themselves.

Saidah glared at her twin, then took her position, her feet apart and steady, she held her hands out ready for a fight. Laylah did the same but on the opposite side.

“What terms?”

“Until surrender…or death. On my mark.” Laylah began, “Now!”

With that, Laylah summoned dark magic circles shooting beams of energy from her sides, they went hurtling through the air towards Saidah, but the twin knocked them aside easily. “is that all you’ve got?” Saidah said as the air crackled around her. She charged at Laylah and knocked her all the way back to the wall, where she held her sister by the neck, suffocating her, her face wearing a scary smile. Laylah kicked and struggled. She thought maybe this would be the end. Saidah held her ground, pushing Laylah against the wall with all her might. Laylah managed to zap her twin with a burst of black energy, she fell back, and Laylah became free. She ran to the other end of the dingy side street and picked up a stick.

“That won’t help you, sister,” Saidah said quietly. “I don’t want to do this…but I must” She held up her hand and a staff appeared between her fingers. Saidah was preparing her ending move. In a last-ditch effort, Laylah wrapped her hands around the stick, squeezing it with all her might, transferring all the energy she could muster into the wood. Saidah began to swing her staff through the air, creating a mass of wind heading towards Laylah. The storm she created became larger and larger until it looked deadly. She threw the storm at her twin with full force and suddenly, with a burst of adrenaline, Laylah leaped aside, thudding against the ground as she tripped on a broken pipe. She turned, Saidah was realigning her aim, But Laylah knew it was now or never, she threw her stick, her aim looked good. She watched as it soared through the rapid storm as if in slow-motion, and eventually, it struck Saidah in the center of the forehead. She fell back and was knocked unconscious.

Laylah had won.

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  • Hi,
    I love this app and the story😘

    laylah on

  • love the app. my age 10. just telling

    laylah on

  • ] Awacuhi

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  • Alright, so there’s a few more flaws in this one i think than the vampire story, but lets unpack the things in order.
    1: “Her hair is dark, and her eyes are red – her appearance is scary, so she is often overlooked and misjudged.” /doubt (especially since they’re twins)
    2: at varying times the story goes back and forth between implying that there are many angels charged with keeping the balance, and the idea that these two are the only ones. if the former is correct, then please explain how one bad apple is messing things up when there should be others around to do her job. if it’s the latter, then how do they have sacred rights or any structure whatsoever, since it would have always been the two of them.
    3: who established the “angel laws” by which they abide? is it god? is god not all-knowing in this universe?
    4: This is more a philosophical quandary, but good and evil are entirely relative. whats good for you may be bad for somebody else, and likewise when someone does something bad to you, they generally do it because it is good for them.
    5: the beginning of the story sets up to be an “in the beginning” type of writing where we see the establishment of the rules, but by halfway through we have cars and people in a dystopian city, and it makes the whole thing fall short of a short story and is more like a lengthy summary of a light novel. (this could be said of the vampire story as well)

    Kyle on

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