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Sehen The fearless crazy one

By The Creator September 08, 2020

Sehen - Fearless crazy waifu

Sehen The fearless crazy one

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She’s not sure where she came from or why she was what she was. She woke up in a side alley facing a large brick wall. Sehen was slumped among some trash bags feeling dizzy and nauseous. Her head felt heavy and painful, she held her hand to it and winced. Even though she felt like she had been thrown through a hurricane, she kept a blank, unfeeling expression as she stared at the wall in front of her. It was cold and she realized she was almost naked other than a couple of bandage wraps. Hunger rose in her, and her head hurt. She had no idea who she was, or where she came from. All she could remember was the name ‘Sehen’. She had a faint misty memory of a woman’s voice calling out to her. “Sehen” The voice was saying but she didn’t know who it belonged to.

She sat in the alley staring at her arms which were covered in eyes looking back at her. She could see her eyes, and her face at the same time. It felt strange but natural. Her face was pretty, and her hair was long. She wore glasses which seemed ironic considering how many eyes she had all over her body, including the one placed in the center of her forehead.

As she looked at herself, her arm out in front of her face, she heard footsteps and felt the beating of someone’s heart. This was something she didn’t know she could do, sense other people’s heartbeats. The group approaching her were all men, she hadn’t seen them yet, but she knew they were. The thumping of their footsteps and the heaviness of their breathing. Their hearts were beating fast, as if scared. They turned down into the alleyway where Sehen sat, and so she stood finally to face them.

As soon as they saw her, they stopped walking, staring right into her many eyes. She felt their heartbeats speed up then slow down as one began to speak. He wore a leather jacket and his hair was slick and black. “You shouldn’t look at us like that…” He was trying to sound threatening, “You’ll come with us” He gave a snicker then as if he had said something very amusing, but Sehen didn’t understand why it was funny. She knew these men were about to die. Two of the larger guys began to approach the girl, arms raised as if trying to catch her. They sped up to a run towards her, one pulled out a knife, the other pulled out a baseball bat.

As soon as they were close enough to Sehen, she held out her arms catching both men by the necks, she pushed one back harshly into the brick wall and he grunted with pain. She took the knife off of the other one and plunged it into his throat. The man struggled, screaming, blood pouring out and all over Sehen’s hands. She pulled the knife out and let the first man fall to the ground, she swung round as the baseball bat guy came back for her, and she stabbed him right in the eye, a laugh playing on her lips. She suddenly felt great joy. She could feel these people losing their lives. She could feel the heartbeat had stopped, standing still in time. It was exhilarating. She felt so alive!

The second man fell, and the rest of the gang began to look uneasy, she was waiting for more, she needed more! The men surged forwards only to be cut down by a punch in the face, a kick in the balls or a knife to the knee, she was fast, cruel and hysterical, she discovers herself, her abilities as she fights, she’s enjoying it. Eventually, Sehen stood in front of a pile of bodies; the only one standing was the man who first spoke. He did not hang around though, as he gave a quick yelp and ran off, his pulse getting further and further away.

The girl looked at the knife, all covered in hot red blood. She thought for a second, then licked it, just to see what it tasted like. She smiled at the men on the ground. “Thank you for coming.” She said calmly, then thrust her sharp nails into their chests and ripped out their hot red hearts.

She sat back against the wall, ripping her teeth through the meat as if she had never eaten before, though she wasn’t sure if she ever had eaten. She knew what she was eating wasn’t the normal food, but it called to her as if she deserved it, like a reward after a kill. She only stopped eating when she heard someone else’s footsteps coming towards her. This person sounded different, her heartbeat was subtle and soft, she did not feel the desire to kill this person. It was a woman, she knew that. Sehen stopped eating, looked up, and saw the woman standing there. Sehen had blood around her face and she wiped it off with the back of her hand.

The woman was tall, confident and elegant,

“ara ara.... It’s cold out here.” Said the woman with a sweet hypnotic voice. “I’ve got some clothes for you.” She placed a pile of neatly folded clothes next to the girl. “Was your meal any good?” Sehen nodded yes, wiping her hands on her bandage wraps, and threw on the jacket on top of the pile.

“With you, i feel good, Who are you?” Asked Sehen.

“I am Hikari.” Said the woman. “Do you remember anything about your past, sweetheart?” Her voice was sickly sweet. It was inviting to Sehen but also familiar. Sehen shook her head. “Poor chil. Now,” She said softly, helping Sehen to her feet. “Come with me, you shall call me Mother. I will protect you. I will feed you”

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