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Helena and Helana the vampire twins

By The Creator September 05, 2020

Helena and Helana - the story of a vampire twins

Helena and Helana the vampire twins

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They’ll never forget that day, the day they transformed. The man had tricked them, his eyes glowing green, they had tried to fight, though they were too scared, weak with terror as he flung himself at Helana, the younger twin. In an effort to save her sister, Helena threw herself in the way. This is when it happened , the first bite...

Helena was out cold for three days after that. Helana was scared and trembling, waiting for her sister to wake up. She didn’t know what to do. She watched as her twin transformed, her horns emerged, her fangs grew and when she woke, she stared at her sister, sensing the human blood rushing through her veins. She’s still regretting it to this day, regretting losing control and hurting her sweet sister, but Helena was unconscious and could not resist and pushed her sister to the ground, sinking her teeth into the younger twin’s neck. Helana screamed and kicked but eventually fell limp and felt her blood rush. Soon, she too had fainted and woken up three days later with long protruding fangs and pink horns to match her long colorful hair.

The twins had found immortality. Helena embraced this as if she had found her true calling. Helana was not so sure. They claimed the old and rickety mansion as their own. Although they could no longer see the sunrise without being burnt, they made the place their own. They slept in the attic during the day, where they found the companions they now have. Two small bats that warmed to the girls immediately. A small black one hanging from the ceiling that Helena claimed and raised and a pink one that timidly sat on Helana’s shoulder. 

Soon, the girls became hungry, thirsting for blood. Helena would bring men into the dining room, seducing them with her insanely irresistible looks. They thought they had power over her, they thought they were in charge until Helena would strike. The other sister was not as happy with how things had turned out. She was repulsed by what her sister was doing, she struggled for weeks, staring out of the window watching the people go by. She was desperate to feel blood on her lips but could not bring herself to hurt a soul. She wished with all her heart that it could be her skipping along the pavement in the sunshine. She did not want to hurt humans, she wanted to be one like she used to be.

Eventually, Helana had an idea. She remembered the hospital a little down the street. One night, in the midst of intense hunger, she stumbled out of the mansion and down the street. It was pitch black and misty; the moonlight glinted off of her skin. She found the back entrance of the darkened hospital and tried the door. It was locked of course, but with a little struggle and her inhuman strength, she managed to pull it open, hunger fuelling her. The inside of the hospital was cold and smelled like alcohol wipes. The floor was pristine marble and the walls were washed with white. Helana followed the distinct smell of blood throughout the hospital to a small room. Once again, the door was closed but Helana pushed the handle down and listened as it clicked and opened. She became excited now, she might get a meal. 

Inside the room was a metal fridge, and in that fridge were bags and bags of blood taken for transfers of just plain spares. Helana licked her lips, she punctured a bag with her nail and raised it to her lips. It was like nothing she had experienced. It was so refreshing, so energizing so delicious. She took about three bags full of blood and moved silently towards the back door again, stopping if she heard the sound of someone moving, then continuing until she was out into the air again. Eventually, after a while her supply ran out, She would have to go back.

On her second visit to the hospital, Helana got in without a hitch. She made her way to the blood room, that’s what she called it, and had four or five bags of blood in her arms, stuffing them into a bag she brought when the door creaked open. She expected a scream or a gasp at least. Helana watched as a nurse (Shizuka) walked into the room, staring right at the vampire with a blank expression. The nurse had long protruding horns a lot like her own and indifferently picked up a bag Helana had dropped, handing it back to the girl, then giving her another from the fridge. Helana was thoroughly nervous, confused and scared, so she took the bags and ran for the exit.

Meanwhile, as Helena was dragging a man by the arm into the garden of the mansion, a smile on her lips, she spotted something sitting on the pavement beyond the gate. The man was babbling on about something or something else, so Helena punctured his throat and let him fall to the ground. She would drink from him later. Cautiously, she moved towards the gate. She could hear sobbing, at first, she thought it was Helana, but as she moved closer it didn’t sound like her sister.

“Well hello there...” Helena said to the mysterious crying girl. The girl suddenly stopped crying and turned to face the vampire. She had purple hair tied in two buns on her head and her eyes were pink. 

“hello.” The girl says through sobs. “I’m – I’m Budo…Could you – sniff – could you kill me? ..please?”   

Helena was taken aback, she stared at the crying girl. Her shirt was all wet with “i’m not ok” written on it and her face was stained with tears. She hesitated for a moment as she remembered that night, her little sister was crying too... but she shook off the memory away

“Okay, i can grant your wish” Helena said, then began to move her sharp vampiric nails towards the girl’s throat but something stopped her.

“HELENA! What are you doing!” It was her sister, Helana. “What are you trying to do? Killing a young crying girl?” 

“It’s okay.” Sniffed the girl. “I told her to”

The pink haired vampire stared at the purple-haired girl in amazement. “Why do you want to die?” Helana asked kindly, sitting down on the pavement next to the girl.

“Why not” Sniffed Budo, “There’s no point in living, there’s no joy in life, it just hurts so much” She then began sobbing again, violently sucking in the air in bursts of sorrow.

“Well then…Would your life have a meaning if you helped a desperate vampire like me?” Asked Helana, turning to her sister who had a disappointed and yet shameful expression.

“Like -sniff- like what?”

“Well, you see…I want to be human again....Enjoy the sunlight…The food....could you help me? we'll have so much fun together”

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Characters in the story: 

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  • Please come out with steering wheel covers id love a nice helena and helana split one

    Ryan on

  • a few unanswered questions:
    1: who is the “him” in paragraph one? (obviously a vampire, but like, how did that happen)
    2: how/why did they get away from “him” and somehow that led to them inheriting a mansion?
    3: is this story meant to be a slice of life?
    4: is there going to be more?

    Kyle on

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