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Maaya - The forgotten creation

By The Creator August 29, 2020

Maaya story - the story of a creepy cute anime girl

MAAYA the story of a creepy cute anime girl

Kawaiiwaru is a clothing store based on unique anime waifu characters.

She was all alone when she woke. The ceiling loomed above her as she blinked. This was the first sight she saw, the ceiling of a basement laboratory. There was a mist of dark sparkly dust surrounding her motionless body. She was there alone for quite some time before the man came. He showed up every so often after that, his face was hidden under a mask and a hood. His name was completely unknown to her. He would inspect the progress, move the mist between her fingers and around her head, then leave for a while. But one time, he just didn’t come back. She became scared, terrified even. Would he ever come back? Would that stony ceiling be the only thing she ever sees? It felt like long past a year before the mysterious, nameless man came back to finish what he started. When he did finally arrive, he was skittish, anxious, and jittery. It was as if he was being watched, forced to move quickly and leave quicker. When he was done the mist lifted, he stared his creation in the eye allowing her to see his face one time before he vanished up the stairs as quickly as he came. He was handsome and his face was pale. It would remain in the girl’s memory forever.

It was only a couple of moments after the man left when there was a slight twitch in the girl's left hand. On further inspection, she realized she could move. With the sudden realization that she was free and the sudden wave of emotion and feeling she felt as the mist finally finished dissipating from the air, she began to cry. Who was she and why was she alive? That man had created her and then left her all alone for so long, and now he was gone again.

Once she was finally stable in her emotions again, she tried moving her hand once more. It twitched, then closed into making a fist. She tried the other hand. It felt natural, like she was always able to do this but never remembered anything like it before. She thought back on the man and how he walked freely around the room, she wanted to try that. With all her might she lifted her head off the table, then her back. She propped her limp hands against the cold metal and used them to propel herself forward until she sat upright. She smiled a little before attempting to slide her legs around and swung them off of the table and slid herself onto the floor where she immediately collapsed to the ground.

There was no strength in her legs, and she had no idea how the man did it. Eventually, she was on her feet and stumbled to the stairway. She grasped the banister and hauled herself up the steps, half crawling desperately as she could see a crack of light through the side of the door. At the top, she pushed the door open and was amazed to see light! The sun, the clouds, the grass at her feet. She knew these words but didn’t know why. She stumbled forward and fell into the grass, not looking back on that dark place. 

That day she managed to stumble towards the nearby buildings. She was in some sort of town. She moved through the street, using the walls to help her walk. The people in the town, normal-looking people, all stared in disgust at her and she did not yet know why. A group of young girls threw something at her, hitting her square in the face. She yelped as the group called out to her “FREAK!” they shouted at her as she whimpered and stared back at them. She felt a tear roll down her cheek again as she settled in a small alleyway to rest. Why did these people hate her when they did not know her yet?

She had never experienced anything like this, she was hurt and scared. It was only when she found a broken mirror in a side street when she understood what the people saw when they looked at her. She finally saw her bony shape, the pure skeleton connecting her limbs to each other. She was a jigsaw puzzle of parts, half skeleton, half girl. She had bright pink hair and a third blue-tinted eye fixed in the center of her forehead. She knew why they disliked her; she was a monster. 

For many days she wondered from alleyway to alleyway. She tried entering a building but was kicked out immediately and was ridiculed. The first face to act kindly towards her was that of a tall, older-looking lady with long flowing black hair. Her eyes were scratched out with red scared lines, blind. Her nails were long and sharp, but her face wore a smile. She held out a hand to the girl on the street, who took it, reluctantly. The woman did not immediately give a name, but she took her home, took her in.

The girl was wary, as this woman had a strange feeling, an uncertain aura surrounding and gripping to her. The woman’s home was askew, bits and pieces of clothing and food strewn about the place. The girl thought this might be because she was blind. When she entered the home, a second person came out of the dark. Another girl, named Shizuka, looking younger and shyer than the older blind woman. She had long blue hair and purple horns sprouting from her head behind a pink nurse’s hat. She smiled warily at the skeletal girl, and approached her slowly, a blank expression on her face.

“I will call you Maaya.” She said.

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Characters in the story: 

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  • Cool story. I wanna read more. I also would like to know if Shizuka will be featured on any clothing. I already own a Maaya sweatshirt, would love to own more fron this story!

    Ayak VanReenen on

  • Now it all makes sens, I love this character now I love her even more and can’t wait for the next part.

    Blake Hilton on

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